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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


The Amola Scissors in our streets
Some of the sessions (street advertisements) over repeated throughout the nineteenth century are impossible to reproduce graphically. The junkyard, for example, that boiled down to a harsh creaking, shrill, endless. The howl of the Galician water carrier, serving as a motto to scare evil-ported boys. Or hissed the harmonica the tease-scissors-and-razors, now almost isolated survivor songbook in the streets. Now almost always biccicleta (although there is the 'appliance' complete; wheels and lime, circling the pitch of the pin.
With the crisis, they multiplied. For foreigners, particularly to the French dedicated to deltiology, it is difficult to explain that a 'petit metier' of the oldest and quoted in terms of old postcards still exists in Lisbon, just around the corner.

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