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Friday, 27 November 2015

Bicho Cidrão

Bicho Cidrão

Ghastly, Terrifying, petrifying. So is the sound that takes hold of the body and soul of all as they hear it, waking distress, deeper restlessness and anxiety that the human being can not imagine that there are inside.

Howl or cry? Are indistinguishable ... the deep roar, hoarse, muffled, mirroring a deep, inhuman pain should come from below the cliffs, spreads despodoradamente at the top of the mountain, without fear or limitations. Madeira, known as Bicho Cidrão.

In Madeira, the magnificence and beauty rude not go unnoticed, being inhabited by cave, wind and eagles, which man hardly arrives. We speak of Cidrão Peak to which it our legend.

It is said that at times, there lived a shepherd and his dog, his one true friend in all that loneliness with him day and night.

As was the dog agile as goats guarding, jumping from ledge to ledge with mastery. However, one day, while the shepherd gathered his flock, the dog certainly distracted by some stray animal from the herd, miscalculated the jump that had already thousands of times, and fell in a vacuum. Rolled, scratched up, smashed into each rock where embatia in a terrible howl of pain, terror and despair.

Now our pastor, bitterly mourned the loss of his close friend and fellow shouting so loudly to the cliffs, that his voice resonated overseas, cursing everything and everybody underlining the sad fate, the twist of fate, your life miserable and lonely existence:

- "Damn you, before the had offered the demo!"

The wind suddenly began to blow, fierce, relentless, dropping scary snoring, echoing the curse of the pastor. The words have become wheezing, kept secret in a cave of Pico, where only eagles could penetrate.

When the minister finally left this world, the wind ordered the eagle to drop the howl and curse that an eternal hidden game live since the heights of Cidrão Pico.

They say those living nearby, that that terrifying sound, comes from being demonic and supernatural union of the spirits of the two friends, Cidrão Bicho.

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