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Friday, 20 November 2015

Inês Black Legend - Melgaço

In the reign of King John, Master of Avis, during the war with Castile in 1388, there were many men and women who stood out for his courage, bravery, ferocity and above all, the sense of patriotism that existed at that time. Inês Negra, one of the many popular heroines of the story includes Portugal, it was a vigorous woman, manly, muscled and powerful, born and raised in Melgaço, having abandoned the land when it was taken by the Castilians.
Melgaço was indeed taken by Castile, remaining immune to the numerous attempts of conquest and reconquest. Now, John, having won many battles that he proposed, would recover Melgaço, as a matter of honor.
To this end he gathered his army and surrounded the earth, confronting the Spaniards determined to resist. After all move toward a heated battle, this was not resolved with the victory of one of the two armies, but by two women, enemy long been both land daughters.
On the one hand, Black Agnes, the woman we spoke at the beginning of this story. On the other, within the Castilian walls, another woman, also brave, known as "ombre" for having betrayed his people.
Now, legend has it that since the battle was long when ombre loomed the walls and defiantly, proposed that the battle can be resolved with a fight between her and Agnes, claiming to have the authorization of the Spanish boss. The king, realizing the hatred that tore the Agnes's eyes and seeing that she did not hesitate to accept the challenge, after checking the veracity of the authorization, ordered that it be given to Agnes what she considered necessary to combat. Ombre then left the Castle, approaching the center of the terreio to where it began also to direct Ines Black. The tense atmosphere was great and the two warriors stared silently, showing spiked and deadly looks, involved and excited by the shouts words of hosts and population but were willing to form a circle, to better enjoy the show. Suddenly, Agnes jumped forward with his sword toward the rival who dodged placando it with his sword. Fiercely fought and are supported by spectators and enebriados abuzz cheered by their party. In a stroke of luck, ombre Agnes dropped the sword, that, by not getting defeated, quickly reached a fork that over there was. Ombre also dropped his sword, clutching a stick and leaving her in the back of the opponent. Agnes, beside himself, dropped his in his hand and threw it ombre, pulling her hair, overwhelming her with the weight of your body, scratching, biting. They rolled both the dusty ground fighting angry. A piercing cry was heard suddenly. Everyone stopped, fired with hearts, bulging eyes, open mouths ... who won anyway?
Agnes sat up, haughty, full of sores and torn clothes, blowing up the mood of the population still in shock, hearing shouts of joy, the pieces fly, jumps and hugs from everyone.
Fists raised in two huge tufts of hair, letting out guttural laughter. Ombre fled, humiliated and defeated, and so copied the Spaniards who left the castle fulfilling established.
El Rei wanted to reward Agnes, but she, with a twinkle in his eye, claimed already received his reward: the ombre defeat and all that it represented, proudly looking at the newly erected Portuguese flag in the main tower of Melgaço Castle.

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