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Friday, 13 November 2015

Os Paços de D. Leonor - Peniche

In Peniche, many years ago, there were two rival families, very wealthy. The hatred was so deep, stretching from generation to generation challenging the power of time, all relativize.

However, at one point, the children of both families, a Rodrigo hand, and other Leonor, eventually falling in love. Secretly dated for months on end, trying at all costs to preserve your love away from the vengeful eyes of their families.

So by evening, they walked in silence, with full hearts to each other, on the seafront, on an existing track the insistence of his footsteps. On top of the cliff, sat boyfriends, contemplating the magnificence of the sea and seagulls challenging waves, flew quietly.

Not surprisingly, one day, Rodrigo's father discovered the dating, so blind with rage, sent his son to the Monastery of Berlengas, ordering him to initiate a novitiate in order.

Rodrigo accepted the imposition, but not the end of his love for Leonor: I needed to be near her, look at your eyes and feel his presence.

Thus deceiving his superiors, she left the convent at night combined beforehand with Leonor and was directed to a fisherman friend, who promptly paddled to a small port called Joane, in the direction of Cape Carvoeiro.

There he found, hidden in only accessible at low tide cave, indicating that their presence through a small light that lit up at the sight of the small boat.

Many were the nights they met and loved, until, on a night like so many others, the light did not come.

Rodrigo looked around at all the emptiness that surrounded him, for now scary sea, and full of dangers. Desperate, found that close to the boat, dragged by waving a cape emerged. Leonor was acknowledged. Jumped into the sea, looking for a sign of life, a sign that contradicted what your heart already bloodied feared.

For its part, Leonor had come to the grotto as usual. However, while waiting for the passage of the boat, voices were heard, voices that indicate the presence of his father and brothers that were trying to locate.

Fearing the worst. Leonor tried to cover up, however, during his escape, his foot slipped, falling into the deepest absimos.

So too was the Rodrigo of luck.

The next day, the bodies appeared. His, dragged by the current to one Rocks of the southeastern bank of Remedies. Her, wedged between the cliffs.

This story, as beautiful as tragic, perpetuated themselves. In the cave called Pacos Leonor and rocks where Rodrigo's body was found, the site of Friar Rodrigo.

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