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Friday, 13 November 2015

The Legend of Our Lady of Fetal - Batalha

In days gone by, in Reguengo do Fetal, a year in which the drought and famine prevailed, a girl fed her little flock, watching disconsolately his sheep, that hungry, vied for rare dry herbs that came from earth.

The girl cried, lost in thought, until suddenly, a woman emerged from the ferns, wondering why the girl was crying. Startled, the child explained that he was hungry to what the woman said softly:
You're going home and ask your mother to give you bread.

The girl replied claiming that the mother had nothing to offer, but the woman insisted:
-Will, Do what I tell you. Tell your mother to open the ark because there find food. It also tells you that you found was a woman who said to.

The child did so, leaving few sheep in charge of the unknown, wondering however, would come home and as always, find nothing to eat.

When finally arrived, the mother saw that her daughter did not bring with them the sheep, he scolded and became angry, sending it back to the field in search of the animals. However, the girl, amid sobs and incessant crying, tried to explain to her mother what had happened.

Upset at the insistence of her daughter, the mother went to the ark checking terrified, which was thus full of delicious bread. He took one of the bread, broke it and gave half to his daughter.

Happy as long since was not, the girl was there, dancing and singing towards the field, finding the unknown in the same place where he had left moments before.

Then thanked the woman, giving huge bites of bread he was carrying. The woman then asked the girl to do him a favor: that addressed the village, told everyone she was the Mother of God and then take them to that place for them to do you a hermitage.

The girl nodded, warning however that no one would believe such information, what the woman said, to ask help to your mother if necessary.

So it was, the girl went to the village, but not before turning to contemplate the beautiful woman and make him goodbye. As soon as the girl turned, the woman disappeared.

Arriving at the village, gathered as many people as possible and told what had happened, asking everyone to accompany, as the Mother of God was waiting for them in the field.

Skeptics, one by one if there were joining the group that accompanied the girl towards the place said, however, when they finally arrived, the lady was no longer there.

Enraged by the LOSS time, they all murmured, criticizing the girl, but oblivious to all this, he found a tiny image in stone, like the lady who had appeared to him, showing it to those present. Of where the image was taken, then came a source of pure, fresh water and miraculous.

The excitement was general, so the population, as one and despite the few resources he had, began on the same day the construction of the chapel, next to the fountain.

When the work was finished, they put inside the image calling her Lady of fetal, perpetuating this way the place where he was found.

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