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Friday, 13 November 2015

The Treasury Pot - Mexilhoeira- Portimão

For many years, there was a palace in Mexilhoeira, where dwelt a woman known as Dona one-eyed. The ruins of that palace were still evident in the eighteenth century.

One night, sweating profusely, woke up from a dream that muitoa disturbed: was heading down a road toward the site of the Rock, when he unexpectedly near a carob tree, glimpsed half buried, a pot full of gold, protected by an enchanted Moor which would deliver the said treasure whom to kiss him precisely at midnight.

Owner one-eyed, seeing the improvement that his life could have returned the next night looking for the supposed carob who appeared to him in the dream.

Indeed, the magic tree there it was, innocently deposited among many others. Then started scratching the ground, using sticks and stones that happened to be there to help in their task. Finally, the glitter of gold overshadowed her, such was its abundance. However, a viscous and disgusting creature, resting on top of said, a huge sapo.

Disgusted and the churning stomach, Dona one-eyed realizing he would have to kiss the animal, turned back and ran home.

Their attitude would however cost you dearly, since the Moorish encantamentoo strengthened greatly.

A few days later, again he had the same dream, repeating the same in the following two nights.

Mentalized for what was coming, he went back to the carob tree, determined to do whatever it took to collect as wealth, is comforting to think that the disgusting moment would last only a brief second.

In this way, he dug up the treasure at midnight on the dot, and stretched his lips, closing her eyes tightly. Sapo barely touched his mouth, an eye jumped from his orbit, observing however with the eye was left, a magnificent transformation.

The sapo was now a beautiful Moorish who advised before disappearing, that there went back every night at midnight to take a part of the treasure until there was not a single piece of gold.

The woman, despite having only been with one eye, he suggested, night after night collecting all the treasure, building a wealth that would allow him to live in large by the end of his life.

It is not known if Dona one-eyed cconstituiu family. What is known fact is that the fame of his wealth is held in such a way the whole kingdom, a lot of people from afar moved to Mexilhoeira to ask loans, something that Dona one-eyed never refused.

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