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Saturday, 15 August 2015


They are parties that are not carried out cyclically, but when the people understand. The latest People's Parties were held in 2004 and 2011 marked the return of this great popular culture event.

Describe these parties is no easy task. Involves them a world of effort, dedication, poetry, it becomes very difficult to describe and convey.

Are months and months of struggle, the enthusiasm of dedicated work without limits to its preparation. Are countless hours, robbed many times to just rest, that everyone of Campo Maior dedicated will prepare this wonderful and unforgettable surprise, this admirable and fascinating flower garden who is to appear, as if by magic, at the break of dawn of September.

And indeed thing we have to do is go to Campo Maior this week.

Detail of one of the many works of Field People's Parties MaiorTodos the thousands and thousands of flowers, all roses, all carnations, all tulips, wisteria all, all the vivid poppies were prepared with love, affection and great fighting spirit will. Rare spectacle that offers us, besides the wonderful streets "enramadas" are also the charming and gentle melodies - the famous "skirts" - inspired by loose blocks and accompanied by lively and cheerful pace with tambourines and castanets, which are sung and bailam ( Balham) in all Campo Maior streets.

To the outsider, in addition to everything mentioned above, will also be the cup of cold water pitcher of the Alentejo, the tour of the bank or the lobby of the houses that are open doors, eager to provide times of rest for him It is still graceful flower female hands will put on his lapel, to symbolize the friendship and consideration that the people dedicated to them.
So it has always been so and will always be the People's Parties. Covered an entire village of paper with days and nights full of joy, fascination and charm.

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