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Friday, 15 January 2016


The Azenhas do Mar is a village on the coast of the county of Sintra, Colares parish. Developing itself along a river / water line that runs into the Atlantic and breaks down the coast cliffs, and in which there were mills (hence the name), it is based on a beach in which there is an ocean swimming pool.

In addition to the picturesque natural landscape, there are several buildings in Azenhas of interest, particularly in the Portuguese Style Soft, particularly with tiles on the facades, as is the case of the school and residence for the teacher.

Presence in all tourist itineraries of Portugal, is currently place of second homes of many, with its resident population stands at 800 inhabitants. Traditionally, in addition to milling activity, the main activities were agriculture, with special emphasis on wine and some fishing and gathering shellfish (barnacles and limpets).

The memory of the people of the sea became devotion to Our Lady of the Sea, but especially celebrated St. Lawrence, the patron saint of land and protector of the vineyard, whose procession is held every year in August, as evidenced in the holy people carries them to the seaside for the spectacular "blessing."

The development of watermills as seaside resort occurred in the mid-30, when the January 31, 1930, was inaugurated the line of Banzão the tram up to the Sea Azenhas According to local tradition, the inauguration was involved in big party, with one of the lovers men of the earth, "Tota", to put the fountain of the pommel to throw the famous "Colares Wine".

For the production of Colares wine, are grown in Azenhas grapes "Ramisco" which were planted in the sandy soil pits (to make the holes, farmers protected with wicker baskets around the hole, it was not the collapse taking the life of someone), to reach the damp clay pits which came to have 10 and more meters deep, and it was there that put the rooted cuttings so that within years begin to sprout to the surface, reaching this stage would have to wait a few more good 6-7 years guiding fondly the vineyard close to the sand so that the heat of that accelerate the ripening of the grapes in vineyards facing the sea in small plots of rubble walls.

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